About Us

Green Heron Engineering, LLC is dedicated to bringing amateur radio operators the best in sensible automation products, while providing the best customer support experience in our industry. Although we do have some commercial application, we treat everyone the same. Hams do not take a back-seat with Green Heron.

We are dedicated to providing solutions to common issues facing the radio amateur in integrating amateur equipment from any vendor. The RT-20 was introduced in May of 2005 and was an instant success as the first of a kind, totally unique product that solves real world station problems. The current version, the RT-21 v4, has evolved based on customer feedback, as well as our own innovations. It has features that contesters will love, remote station owners will wonder how they did without, and even the casual operator, with one rotator, will want to own and operate. The latest unit has an optional Wi-Fi embedded web server. It’s was rather obvious to us, that rotator manufacturers were ignoring the user view (the controller) of their products. We developed an easy to use, fully programmable, and good looking controller that works with any manufacturer’s rotator. We made it easy to integrate the software side by making our unit compatible with the Hy-Gain DCU-1 protocol with enhancements to provide many more modern features.

Over the years, we’ve added the Deluxe RT-21, a DC powered unit aimed at mobile or solar powered applications, and a universal Az/El controller that can’t be matched for versatility, performance and looks! We control everything from simple entry level rotators, to complete rotating tower multi HP motor systems.

Our “Green Heron Everyware” is a complete product family of modules, software, and devices that solve another set of problems facing us in our own station integration efforts, targeted to the absolute best in Remote Station control and automation. We needed to share station resources, eliminate the myriad of cables and many different antenna switch control boxes cluttering the operating positions and provide wireless “last mile” connection to switches while adding internet or local control with zero change in operating interface. We use standard IP protocols and human readable XML configuration files. There is no proprietary LAN or “secret sauce” mixed in. We are constantly discovering new and useful applications and are now can supply many of our own switching devices with built-in GH Wireless Control.

Our primary focus though, is not on our products.  We believe that if you buy from us, you deserve to get our full support as well.  This means that you can call or e-mail, that you will get a person or a response as soon as possible.  This doesn’t mean “within 2-3 business days”!

We continue to design, test and manufacture in the USA.