Rotator Controller Application Notes

RT-21 Remote Relay Control

When configured as described, the RT-21 is optimized for applications where remote power for the rotator is controlled via relays. The use of relay control precludes the use of the PWM speed control. This application uses the Fail Safe option as described…

Automating a Tornado Tuner (RT-21dc, or RT-21)

How to use a Green Heron controller to automate an antenna that uses a Tornado tuner (JK Antennas).  Precision control for tuning using presets, or fully automatic following radio using GH Everyware software.

RT-21r Relay Control Contact Closure

When configured as described, the RT-21 (or the ‘r’ version) can operate systems where only a set of contact closures are required. One for CCW and one for CW.

RT-21 Find Divide Ratio Application Note

Use the Rt-21 to calculate an unknown pulse divide ratio.

Prosistel 3 turn pot

Replacing the internal pot in a Prosistel rotator with a 500 ohm 3 turn unit will improve reliability, performance and reduce the affects of drifting and inaccuracies due to water or other cable contamination. This note describes the setup and calibration changes in your RT-21 to accomodate this modification to the standard PST rotator. NOTE: this does NOT apply to the PST controller, only an RT-21.

AR-40 Rotator

The application note describes the modification required and setup configuration for the RT-21 in order to operate an AR-40 rotator.


Use RemoteRig’s COM1 to operate an RT-21 remotely without a computer at the remote station.