GH Everywhere - FAQS

I'm going through the tutorial in Section 2 of the manual and don't have the 'SUB-TYPE' selection that is called for. Where do I find these?

Device Sub-Types for WIO devices are defined by ‘WIO Profiles” that you create to meet your specific display control requirements.  The samples in the tutorial AND samples used with our Application Notes are contained in a zip download file on the website under: Support -> GH Everyware -> GHE Software.  Download the ‘Sample WIO Profiles’ and then copy these files into the folder ‘wioprofiles’ under your GHE Client install directory.

The tutorial will walk you through how to modify these for your specific needs.

I've lost one or more of my switch control windows off screen somewhere. How can I reset their positions?

Reset all GH Everyware “client” windows by browsing to the “GH Everyware Client” directory, and then deleting the file “switchconfigmgr.dat”.  If you are using local controller within Server instead of a separate Client, then the file is located in the “GH Everyware Server” directory.  You must close the client/local controller before you can delete it.  The file will be re-created at restart and reset all the switch positions.