Payment and Shipping

I need a different shipping option then what is offered, how do I proceed?
If you need a different shipping option, use your browser back button and change your PAYMENT OPTION to “Invoice Me” and then enter your shipping request in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION box. We will calculate your requested shipping and contact you or send you an invoice that you can then pay on-line. OR simply call or e-mail us.
How does "Sending Payment" Payment Method work?
When you select “Sending Payment” with your order, we capture your order, but do not process it until the payment arrives and clears. We accept bank checks, money orders and personal checks.
What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard and Visa on-line. Paypal is also available as an on-line payment. Our Paypal address is “PayPal@greenheronengineering.com”
We can also accept checks and other mail in types of payments, use the “Sending Payment” option if you are not paying by CC or PayPal.

How do I pay an open invoice?

You may pay an invoice by simply sending us a check, or you can pay it on-line with a credit card or PayPal.

To pay on-line, click on the “Invoices” menu item on the upper right side our home page. We will have open invoices available by invoice number for you to select yours for payment. No other information except the invoice number is shown to protect your privacy. Now, you can pay the amount with your credit card or PayPal just as if you were purchasing a product.