GH Everywhere Software Downloads

GH Everyware 2.7.6 New Release

March 6, 2023

WIndows installers for Client and Server (Server at 2.7.5). 

New Rotator Controls allow jogging and more hotkeys (Medium and Large display sizes).

Fix for HOTKEY Disappearing in 2.7.5 Client.

See notes included in zip for more information.


GH Everyware Software (Version 2.7.4) 

Version 2.7.4 – Mar  19, 2020

Fixes Install Problems when Windows ONE-DRIVE is enabled.
SERVER Device Manager expanded to 100 Entries.
SERVER Adds new embedded device – Low Band Systems Stack Controller (LBS Stack)



GH Everware Test Versions (JAR files (Technical)


For our more technical users.  The current release jar files can be taken from the version release for use on other platforms…..PI, Linux, MAC.  If you are conversant in installing java application on these platforms, then these are for you.  They are located in the current_jar folder

TEST VERSION Client 2.7.a7

     Adds Font Size options for Rotor Presets (Right Click in preset window)

     zip also includes latest “GHE Keyhook” if you are not yet running 2.7.6


GHE Unit Test and Configuration 1.1

GHE Base and Remote Unit Test and Configuration software version 1.1

NEW VERSION Oct 6, 2016 supports the BASE PTT enhancement and eliminates the now unused Module ID

GHE Sample WIO Profiles

Example WIO Profiles for the tutorials (manual, section 2), Green Heron Everyware wireless devices, and OEM devices documented in the Application Note tab of this website.

GH Everyware USB Driver for Base Units

GHE USB driver for all base units.  Standard FTDI chip driver set.