Rotator Controller Documentation Downloads

RT-21 User Manual 3.5

RT-21 User Manual Version 3.5 (for S/N 1200 and up)
Covers all firmware versions through 3.08
Updated August 8, 2014

Yaesu Rotator Pigtail

Facilitates RT-21 connection into existing Yaesu rotator and cable.  Provides rectangular plastic connector to ring lug connections to RT-21

RT-21 v4 Addendum

Update to the RT-21 manual covering version 4 features.
Includes the WiFi/LAN Option and info on Silicon Labs USB chip Nov, 2022

RT-21 Az-El  (updated November 2022)

Addendum to the RT-21 User Manuals for the Az-El versions of the controller.

Includes newest Version 2 Az/El controller features and setups  (up to Version 2.13)

K7NV Prop Pitch User Manual 1.3

K7NV Prop Pitch User Manual 1.3

28VDC RPU Guide

28VDC RPU Guide

90/80 VDC RPU Guide

90/180 VDC RPU Guide

RT-21 Revision History

RT-21 Revision History

RT-21 User Manual Version 1.3a

RT-21 User Manual Version 1.3a (for S/N below 1200

RT-20 User Manual OLD (Last Version)

RT-20 User Manual 

RT-21 Brochure and Specs

RT-21 Brochure and Specifications)

RT-21r Brochure and Specs

RT-21 Remote Brochure and Specifications)