GH Everywhere Documentation Downloads

GH Everyware Manual 2.4 Base

Features and other information added since 2.4 are included in the UPDATE document below!

GH Everyware Update Through 2.7.3

GH Everyware Software Version updates and History

GH 8×2 RX Remote Switch

Green Heron Receive Only 8×2 (8 antenna x 2 radio) remote antenna switch with wireless controls built-in. PDF manual.

Select-8 Manual

Select-8 installation and setup manual. Specific instructions on installing GH Base, power injector and Select-8 remote coax switch.  Version 1.3 updated January, 2023

GH Everyware Hardware Reference

Base and Remote schematics and PCB documentation

GH Everyware Brochure & Specs

GH Everyware Brochure and Specifications