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90/180VDC motor RPU

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Remote Power Unit for large motor systems up to 2 HP. Provides precision speed/ramp control for rotating towers, large rotating masts or any system that requries 90/180VDC motors. Includes industrial PWM motor controller, interface board, relays connector blocks mounted on a large aluminum plate and installed inside a NEMA rated fiberglass enclosure with three watertight access connectors. Attaches to 115/230 VAC mains, power cable not included. Requires RT-21r or standard RT-21 controller.


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in
AC Mains

115 VAC, 230 VAC (no power cable)

RPU Enclosure

Outdoor NEMA 4, Delete Enclosure (-$140.00)



This unit provides all the features of an RT-21 controller, but applies them to large motor system up to two HP DC motors. Allows ring or top rotator to be added and used with an RT-21 for counter-rotation systems too. Rugged industrial rated design for robust performance along with all the fail-safe protections utilized with our standard controllers.

This unit requires an RT-21r for the controller, and 4 or 5 conductor of small guage cable to reach between the RT-21r and the RPU. A standard RT-21 also has the capability of interfacing with an RPU.

The RPU requires AC mains and is meant to be installed outdoors with it’s NEMA enclosure. For indoor mounting, or mounting in a larger equipment shelter, the enclosure may be deleted


RPU-90/180VDC Description:

The RPU consists of an industrial PWM motor controller, interface board, relays, fuses and connector block all mounted on a 9″ x 11″ x 3/16″ aluminum plate. As standard, the plate is mounted in a fiberglass NEMA enclosure with watertight fittings for cable entry. The enclosure may be painted for longer lasting outdoor protection.

We recommend suitable limit switches directly in series with the motor leads. However, the RPU does provide a low current limit switch arrangement to lockout the primary input relay as an alternative or additional protection.


RPU-90/180VDC Features:
  • PWM speed control for 90VDC motors up to 1 HP, 180VDC motors up to 2 HP
  • Fail-Safe design (similar to all RT-21) prevent run-away even with component/system failures
  • Provisions for primary relay lockout using limit switches
  • Aluminum plate/heat sink can be wall mounted or mounted inside equipment shelter
  • Standard enclosure includes industrial water-tight cable feedthoughs
  • Can be mounted anywhere between the controller and the rotator
  • Small guage 6 conductor cable is all that is required between controller and RPU  (CAT 5)
  • Requires RT-21r or standard RT-21 for controller, all features of the controller are maintained


RPU-90/180VDC Specifications:


  • Approx 14” x 12” x 6” HWD w/enclosure
  • Approx 20 lb – Shipping = 22 lb w/enclosure

Input Power

  • 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz recommend 15A circuit minimum
  • Barrier Strip for customer supplied power connections

Motor Power

  • 90 VDC up to 1 HP (115VAC Mains)
  • 180 VDC up to 2 HP (230VAC Mains)


  • Input fuses (3AG)
  • Protective Transorbs on Control Leads
  • Fail-Safe Input Relay
  • Motor output current limit and shutdown adjusments


  • Motor – Barrier Strip
  • Control – Phoenix Wire Connections
  • Enclosure includes three watertight cable entrances


  • Limited warranty, 1 Year parts and labor


RPU-90/180VDC Documents:


Download RPU Brochure



Download RPU User Guide




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