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Controller Pigtails

From $49.00

Pigtail to mate with existing cable.

Cinch 8P for Hy-Gain (newer)
Yaesu (White Plastic) 6P for Yaesu (A, SA and DXA controllers)
Pro-Sis-Tel (Round)


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Weight .1 lbs
Used With

Yaesu ($49), Hy-Gain DCU ($55), Prosistel ($59)


Yaesu Pigtail:

This convenient cable allows you to retain the 6 pin rectangular connector for existing Yaesu rotator installations and then use it as a quick disconnect when using an RT-21. Normally, Green Heron recommends that you use trailer style or other readily available and less expensive alternatives for most installations, even if your existing system uses these plastic rectangular connectors, it is more cost effective, and convenient to use a different disconnect than this one. If you make a conversion jumper out of your existing cable end, converting to a trailer style connector, then you can still easily swap between your existing Yaesu controller and an RT-21.

This pigtail is ONLY applicable if you have one of the newer Yaesu control boxes that use the plastic rectangular style connectors. This includes the G-800/1000/2800 versions ending in A, SA and DXA, and the G-450A/G-650A units only.

Control box versions for G-800/1000/2800 ending in S, and SDX use a blade style (Jones type) that is non-standard and we have been unable to locate. Other older versions, including the G-400, G-600, G-450XL, G-5400/G5500, G550 and the ‘RC’ versions use terminal strips. None of these can make use of this pigtail cable.


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