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GHE Outdoor Remote

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GHE Wireless Remote in outdoor weatherproof enclosure and internal Bias ‘T’ for powering through the feedline. May be mounted to tower leg with included high quality saddle clamp, or mounted to post.  Includes serial port (RS-232) for Rotator Control, or USB -> 232 wireless adapter applications. Rugged industrial PC board design. Add Optional I/O modules as needed.  If powered locally, the Bias ‘T’ may be deleted.  Manual and software on the website.


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Weight 2 lbs


GH Everyware Network Topology:

GHE Network Diagram - Green Heron Engineering

Don’t You Wish…

You could eliminate cables and clutter from your operating position?

You could integrate your rotor controls with the Stack Controller you use with them?

You could add new remotely located switching devices without running new control cables?

Give your switch controls IP and on-screen displays to allow sharing between locations anywhere in the room, or anywhere in the world without having to move a single cable or box?

Overview and Description:

GHE Wireless Cable is a networked system that adds shared IP accessibility to your station components that would otherwise require manually operated switch boxes in the shack, interconnect cables and switch boxes or serial devices that would be best located away from your operating position(s).

The system components are flexible and expandable to meet any station complexity requirement, or a simple USB to serial port adapter and wireless extension for any serial device.

System Components:

  • GH Everyware Software
  • GH Everyware Base
  • GH Everyware Remote


  • Allows Shared Internet/LAN IP access to any relay or serial device
  • Eliminates cables, control boxes and other clutter
  • Remote wireless control of relays, rotators and other serial devices
  • Create your own custom on-Screen controls
  • Uses your existing computer for user controls and Network Routing
  • Imbedded USB eliminates need for computer RS-232 port


GHE Wireless Base:

GH Everyware Server:

GH Everyware Server is a software program that runs on any computer(s) on your network. The Server manages shared access from the GHE Controller positions, and sends commands for desired actions to the remote devices.

GH Everware Server is the interface between the operator control on-screen display and the remote device relays and RT-21 Rotator Controllers.  Each physical device (set of relays like a Stack Match, or a 6 way antenna switch, rotator etc) has a Device Manager entry that defines what GH Wireless address and/or COM port is used, and what relay outputs are assigned for each logical switch position.

Devise Manager:

GHE Devise manager - Green Heron Engineering

Relay Devices can be connected to a GHE Base or a GHE Remote. RT-21 devices can be connected to a GHE Remote, or a Server COM/USB port.

It is not necessary to use the Wireless features of the GHE Hardware. It may be convenient to use a GHE Wireless Remote, connected to a COM port of the Server, to directly control relays of a device that is accessable near the computer.

WIO Profile Manager:

GHE WIO Profile Manager - Green Heron Engineering

Each Switch device is constructed using the “WIO Profile Editor”, and can be assigned as a set of relay outputs located on a specific GHE Remote Address. Each device is assigned a display type of “Butons”, “Map” or “Band Switch”.

Button Selected Switch:

GHE Button select switch - Green Heron Engineering

Each button is named and corresponds to a unique relay or set of relays to activate. This control is used when a named switch position needs to be assigned. Buttons may also be shown as groups of on/off relays.

Map Control Switch:

GHE Map Control switch - Green Heron Engineering

Each selection is given a heading and beamwidth for display on a compass rose, or on a user provided graphic Map. This control is used for directional switch controls.

Band Selected Switch:

GHE Band selected switch - Green Heron Engineering

Each button is frequency named and can be manually selected and/ or automatically selected based on the frequency of connected radio. The frequency is determined and communicated via logging software.

Rotor with Integrated Stack Controller:

Rotor with integrated stack controller - Green Heron Engineering

Rotator Devices may be shown individually by band, or grouped for ganged motion as in  stacked arrays.  Preset windows are available for individual roatators or one global preset window.  Presets allow fast user control of rotators.  Stack Control relays (Stack Match etc.) may be integrated into the rotator controls for easy on/off stack selection.  Rotators may also be shared and remoted via the optional Client software.

GH Everyware Controller (Client):

The GH Everyware Controller is a set of software applications and controls that run on a computer at the operating positions. It can be utilized along with your logging or other station control software. Connects to GH Everyware Server over an IP network.

Each device on a Server may be controlled by more than one user. GHE Server supports user connections via TCP/IP either on a local network, or over the internet, from computers that are running the GHE Client software, GHE Controller. Each user can see and change the current status of each switch or rotator displayed on each connected Server. Each Client can connect to multiple Servers so a complete distributed network of controls can be established.

The definitions of each control come from GHE Server’s Device Manager. The actual control user interface is displayed on GHE Controller for each connected device on all servers that are connected to GH Controller. Devices are only shown as needed depending on band or frequency as desired by each operator.


GH Everyware Wireless Cable:

Optional Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure

GHE Wireless Remote - Green Heron Engineering

Extended Range Option:

The optional GHE-DX module upgrades the RF power output of GH Everyware devices to 63 mw. It is a plug-in replacement for the 1 mw module that is standard in all three GH Everyware PC Boards. The GHE-DX can be used to upgrade in the field.

Other Applications:

A GHE Base and Remote pair can eliminate the need for an RS-232 port on your computer while extending any serial device across the room or up to a mile away without cables.

GH Everyware Hardware Components:

GH Everyware Base:

The GH Everyware Base is a hardware device that includes a 1 mw 802.15.4 radio operating at 2.4GHz. The Base Unit connects to GH Everyware Server via USB. It sends and receives wireless commands to and from the GH Everyware Remote Units.

  • USB Powered, connects to Server Computer
  • Communicates with up to 32 GHE Remotes
  • Expandable by adding additional Bases on same or different computers.
  • LEDs for TX/RX activity, Receive Signal Strength.
  • 6 NPN ouputs for local relay control

GH Everyware Remote:

The GH Everyware Remote includes a 1 mw 802.15.4 radio that communicates with GHE Base. The Remote operates the end device relays and connects to a serial device.

  • 8 output relays that can supply +12 or GND for control of device relays
  • RS-232 Serial Port, DCE/DTE jumpers.
  • Requires nominal 12 VDC input.
  • LEDs for Power and Receive Signal Strength

GH Everyware Remote Lite:

The GH Everyware Remote includes a 1 mw 802.15.4 radio that communicates with GHE Base. The “Lite” is the same as a GH Everyware Remote except it is intended for embedded use and installation into an OEM device as a lower cost alternative.

  • The Remote Lite deletes the relays and the output screw terminal connector.
  • 8 NPN driver outputs pull to ground for control of external relays.
  • Solder output wires or use on-board header.


GH Everyware Documents:


Download GH Everyware Brochure



Download GH Everyware Manual



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  1. Ron WV4P

    This was what got us hooked on the GHE system, Controlling a K9AY and Pre Amp hundreds of feet away, it almost paid for it’s self VS Control cable. Controlling the RX Antennas 4 directions with a Click of the mouse or a Hot Key… Priceless ! The GHE system adds so much flexibility to a station and replaces most of the control boxes that used to clutter the bench with easy to use PC Control. Highly Recommended ! Ron WV4P

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