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Radio Boss USB


Radio Boss USB is a universal radio interface designed specially to meet the needs of the multi-mode contest stations and operators. It provides all the commonly needed computer interface requirements for your radio in one compact, simple to use package. Radio Boss is ideal for mobile, portable or fixed station use.

Unit comes with 6′ USB cable, manual on website.



Radio Boss USB:

Radio Boss is a simple and easy to use multi-mode computer interface for your radio. It’s the only accessory you need with your computer to use all digital modes and voice keyer needs with your radio. No additional software is required, and the USB driver is the industry standard FTDI drivers that is included with all Windows versions from XP and later.

The perfect companion for your portable operation too.


Radio Boss Features and Specs:

  • Supports all modes and three optically isolated Darlington key outputs (DTR,RTS,TXD)
  • Compatible with MMTTY EXT-FSK mode
  • Hi Performance USB adapter that works with all RS-232 devices and is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, MAC and Linux
  • Serial Radio Control via USB, ICOM CI-V, or TTL (Kenwood)
  • Transmit and Receive Transformer isolated audio channels
  • Front Panel Audio Level Controls for those needed quick adjustments
  • Supports MIC through sound card, or Radio Boss MIC switching with DTR or RTS
  • Front Panel LEDs
  • Completely USB Powered
  • Uses all Standard Connectors and Cables, USB cable included
  • Net weight = 7 oz, HWD = 1.5 x 4.5 x 3.5”

Controls & Indicators

Radio Boss Front Panel

Radio Boss front controls - Green Heron Engineering

  1. TX Level – Adjusts the level of the audio going to the Radio from the Computer Sound Card
  2. EXT IN – Audio IN from Computer Sound Card
  3. MIC –  Optional MIC input
  4. AUDIO OUT – Audio output to Radio for TX
  5. LED’s (DTR, RST, TXD)
  6. AUDIO IN – Audio input from Radio for RX
  7. EXT OUT – Audio OUT to Computer Sound Card
  8. RX Level – Adjusts the level of the audio going to the Computer Sound Card from the radio.

Radio Boss Back Panel

Radio Boss back controls - Green Heron Engineering

  1. TXD Output (Optical Isolated)
  2. RTS Output (Optical Isolated)
  3. DTR Output (Optical Isolated)
  4. RS-232 (TTL) DB-9
  5. USB
  6. Icom CI-V


Radio Boss Documents:


Download Radio Boss Brochure



Download Radio Boss Manual




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