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RT-20 CPU Upgrade


Upgrade CPU for RT-20 or RT-21, allows Version 3 RT-21 functionality (less usb) in an RT-20 or older RT-21 hardware platform. Please provide model and serial number in additional information at checkout. This upgrade will NOT update your older controller to v4!

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 3 in


RT-20 CPU Upgrade Description:

This CPU is the current RT-21 CPU and allows the RT-21 features and future features to be available in an RT-20 unit. This includes operation with SETUP Utility, but does NOT include usb support or the variable intensity LCD. Download the RT-21 current manual for more information about all the features available. Also, see the Revision History Document also in the support -> documentation area of the website.

You may also use this CPU to provide 4.x and later features in an earlier RT-21. There are some limitations:
1. Units upgrading from s/n < 2000 will lose USB support. Workaround is to use usb->serial adapter.
2. Units upgraded will not gain the ability to add internal WiFi unless your current mainboard is ver 3.4 or newer.

We recommend that unless there’s some feature that you really need to add, that you do NOT upgrade just for the sake up upgrading.



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