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GHE Select-8 Wireless Remote Antenna Switch


The GHE Select-8 is a high performance 8 position remote coax switch suitable for tower or other indoor or outdoor mounting locations. The coax switch comes complete with built-in Green Heron Wireless remote module and built-in Bias ‘T’ for through-the-coax power supply. Adding the optional inside DC Injector, and low cost GHE Base completes the turnkey installation. This unique product allows complete freedom from control cables and tethered control boxes and at no extra cost, provides remote internet access as well.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


  • 8 antenna ports, selectable individually or in any combination. Useful not only for single antenna at a time selection, but in complex phased arrays, or stack control applications too.
  • Rated at 2.5 KW with up to 3:1 SWR through 50 MHz.
  • Port Isolation (Typ)
    5MHz = 80 dB
    7 MHz = 70 dB
    14 MHz = 60 dB
    28 MHz = 48 dB
    50 MHz = 40 dBInsertion SWR < 1.04 (1.10 on 50 MHz)
  • Built-in Green Heron Wireless Remote replaces control cable and tethered control boxes when used with a GH Base for complete wireless solution.
    • Eliminates potential for conducting unwanted RF and lightning damage into the shack.
    • Included internal antenna for GH Wireless with 63 mw DX RF Module for extended range outdoors.
    • Optional +12 power through the coax/
    • Allows sharing of the remote coax switch among stations.
    • Allows user custom on-screen controls using GH Everyware software.
    • Automatic selection based on radio’s frequency when using compatible logging software.
    • Allows remote access via internet, nothing else to buy. Ideal for remote station.
  • Outdoor weather/UV resistant gray PVC enclosure, SS and aluminum HD tower leg bracket included.
  • High quality construction throughout, all stainless steel fasteners, Amphenol RF connectors, etc.
  • Capable of conventional wired control if desired.


Select-8 Documents:


Download Select-8 Brochure


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